T.V.V.S.S.K.TRUST (Thirunangur Sri.Van Purushothama Perumal Vagayara Seven Temples Sthalathar Kainkarya Trust) has been formed with a goal to assist the temple management and also to provide all posssible help for the visiting sevarthis. To meet the above twin objective, we seek your help, cooperation and contributions. There are seven (7) divya desams managed by hereditary trustees hailing from the lineage of “Prathivathi Bayankaram Anna” (PB family). Sri.Purushothama Perumal Vakayara 7 temples namely,

  1. Sri.Van Purushothama Perumal Temple
  2. Sri.Vaikunthanatha Perumal Temple
  3. Sri.Pallikonda Ranganatha Perumal Temple
  4. Sri.Kudamada Koothar Temple
  5. Sri.Madhava Perumal Temple
  6. Sri.Rajagopalaswami Temple
  7. Sri.Varadharaja Perumal Temple

As mentioned before the Three Sthalathar families are involved in sustaining and managing day-today functioning of the temple affairs. The meagre resource and revenue generation from temple assets is grossly inadequate to manage the temple affairs and hence the need for creating a TRUST was mooted. This TRUST will provide a helping hand and strong support to the the temple management in the smooth functioning of the temple affairs and its sevarthis. The scope of the TRUST is presently restricted and confined only to the seven temples belonging to the Purushothaman Koil vagayara and take initiatives to make all the seven temples to restore its past glory.

Trust Management:

The present core Trust management team comprises of the following three persons:

  1. President – Shri.R.Renganathan 
  2. Vice President – Shri. R. Kannan
  3. Treasurer and Secretary – Shri A. Purushothaman 

These three founding Trustees have been entrusted and authorised to manage the affairs of the Trust on a day to day basis. Please note that only family members belonging to the three sthalathar family are authorized to collect money on behalf of the trust. Also please ensure proper receipts are provided for the contributions

We request the charitable trust/philanthropic gentlemen sent their contribution by way of DD/Cheque favouring T.V.V.S.S.K.TRUST and sent it the below address.

4/83, Purushothan Koil Agraharam, Thirunangur, Sirkali Taluk, Tamil Nadu.

Aasthigas preferring e-transfer of the funds to trust account directly can write to  Dr S Ranganathan  at