Sthalathar and Trustee Families

Three Sthalathar families haling from the lineage of “Prathivathi Bayankaram Anna” (PB family) are involved in sustaining and managing day-today functioning of seven of the eleven temple affairs in and around Thirunangur. Following are the Trustees names from the three families in the order of seniority :

  • R Rengamani
  • R Srinivasan
  • R Kannan
  • P T S Purushothaman
  • P T R Srinivasan
  • A Krishnamachari/ A Srinivasan

Family members from these families are hereditary trustees managing the below mentioned seven temples. They also enjoy the rights to get the first theertha and other mariyaathas in the seven temples. Apart from the three sthalathar family, one other PB family with second theertha rights also reside at Nangur doing Kaikaryums to all seven temples. Another PB family residing in AnnanKoil divyadesam are also part of the sthalathar but however do not particpate in managing temple activities.

(1) Sri.Van Purushothama Perumal Temple
(2) Sri.Vaikunthanatha Perumal Temple
(3) Sri.Pallikonda Ranganatha Perumal Temple
(4) Sri.Kudamada Koothar Temple
(5) Sri.Madhava Perumal Temple
(6) Sri.Rajagopalaswami Temple
(7) Sri.Varadharaja Perumal Temple

The Thirumangai Alvar Mangalasasana utsavam (festival) in the month of Thai(Jan-Feb) witnesses 11 Garudasevai, a spectacular popular event in which utsava idols from the 11 Thirunangur Divyadesam shrines assemble at Thirunangur. Thirumangai Alvar (utsavar) visits 11 divya desams in and around Thiru Nangur and his paasurams(verses) dedicated to each of these 11 temples are recited. The Utsavar (festival deity) of Thirumangai Alvar and his consort Sri Kumudavalli Naachiyar are taken in a palanquin to each of the 11 temples, through the paddy fields.

Thirunangur is proud to have several nadaswaram/thavil vidwans (Trained in Guru Shysya Paramapara style) who have achieved national fame and repute.