Sri Gopala Krishna Perumal Temple

kavalam paadi 1Sri Rajagopalan

Sri Gopala Krishna Perumal Temple is one among the 108 Divya Desams. It is located in Thirunangur, a small village, 10 km away from Seerkazhi enroute to Thiruvenkadu. Here Lord Gopala Krishnan gives darshan along with his wives Rukmani and Satyabhama. Gopala Krishnan is being worshipped as equal to Lord Krishnan in Dwaraga.

 Quick Facts:


Gopalakrishnan, facing east direction, standing posture and holding a cow with a rope in his left hand
Uthsavar Rajagopalan.
Thayar Senkamala Naachiyaar
Theertham Tadamalarppoikai.
Vimanam Swayampu Vimaanam
Mangalasasanam Thirumangai Azhwar, 10 pasuram (1298-1307 MP3, PDF)
Natchathiram Panguni Rohini

Sthala Puranam:

Once the Demon named Naragan fought with Indhiran and took all the wealth from Indhira Logam. Indhiran surrendered himself to Paranthaman and requested HIM to get back all his assets. The ALMIGHTY then destroyed the Demon and handed over back all the assets to Indhira Logam, which were pertaining to them. HE handed over a basket full of Parijatha Flowers to Indhirani as Parijatham belongs to her. At that time Sathyama got worried as Indhirani had not given her even a Single Parijatha Flower as she was very fond of Parijatham and desperately wanted but Indhirani refused to give. Once Krishnan gave a Parijatham Flower only to Rukmini and when Sathyamaba asked HIM that she also needed as Parijatham, HE told her that very will soon HE will give a Garden with full of Parijatham Flowers. Sathybama recollected that moment and asked Gopalan to fulfill HIS promise as committed. To please HIS consort Lord Krishnan searched for Parijatham every where. At last, with the help of Lord Shiva, he found a place with full of Parijatha Flowers.

Overjoyed Gopala Krishnan came down along with HIS consorts Sathyabama and Rukmini here to Thirukavalambadi. Kavalam means a Dense Garden with full of flowers. Hence the name Thirukavalambadi.

Benefits of HIS Darshan

It is believed that couples longing for children can do puja of baby Krishna at this very temple and be blessed by Emperumal with children.