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Thirunangoor Divya Desams

The Bhakthas are requested to visit the Nangur Divyadesams, get HIS blessings and patronize these Divyadesams in all possile ways however small kairkayams it may be. Current income for the maintenance of seven temples are generated by leasing the temple properties: agricultural lands and gardens. The income from these leased out assets are meagre owing to several constraints.  While the revenue generation has dwindled  to a large extent ,  the expenditure of day to day  affairs of the temple has increased enormously and presently reached the state  where things can not be managed by the income from temple assets alone.

Sensing the need for the upliftment of the temple and at the same time managing  and continuation of nitya kainkaryams, a  TRUST named T.V.V.S.S.K.TRUST (Thirunangur Sri.Van Purushothama Perumal Vagayara Seven Temples Sthalathar Kainkarya Trust) was formed in May 2012.

Some of the  noble objectives of TVSSK Trust is briefly summarised below. More details is given in the other Tab of this web-site.

  • Thirunangoor Divya Desamso provide salary and helping hand to kainkaryadhars such as Archagas/paricharagas/Vedic and Divya Prabhanda Vidwans
  • To enable four time poojai.