Sri Van Purushothaman Brahma Utsavam – 2017 Palaguni Sravanam

Dear asthigas/srivaishnavas,

Brahmotsava Significance and Celebrations:-  Brahmotsava celebrations have so much cleansing effect on the temple and the devotees. This ceremony is celebrated periodically in the temple where the washing activities are meant to wash away the sins of the devotees. It is said that the great demigods like Brahma and Indra wait eagerly to participate in the Brahmotsava of Lord Vishnu. Thus in vaishnava cult Brahmotsava is the most significant celebration.In the celebrations of Brahmotsavas thousands of people throng the temple. They clean the temple and everyday there is a special ritual. The celebrations last for 9 days. Each day the deities are taken in different vehicles. In the evening the deities are put on the swing and given grand arati. All this makes the event very memorable in the hearts of devotees.

The Annual Brahmotsavam to Sri.Van Purushothama Peruman is to be held from 16.03.2017 to 24.03.2017 with 4000 dicya prabhanda sevai and sathumarai. Please note that for all the 10 days upayadars are available on smaller scale. But however we require the following for which we have no upayadars:-

  1. Deepa oil, Pooja articles for 10 days             3,000/-
  2. Garlands for moolavar,utsavar,azhwars 5,000/-
  3. Ghee for yagasalai 1 tin                                                         7,000/-
  4. Yagasalai thiraviyam             5,000/-
  5. Archakar,additional archaka sambavana 15,000/-
  6. Paricharaka sambavana 5,000/-
  7. Vasthiram to perumal,thayar,sripatham thangigal              15,000/-

Please send your donation in the name of the T.V.V.S.S.K.TRUST , and mail to 4/83-A, Sri.Purushothama Perumal Koil Street, Nangoor, Sirkali-Tk.

You may transfer the funds to trust.

  1. SB A/C No.608801152764, ICICI, Bank, Mailaduthurai Branch, Code No.6088, IFSC Code no.ICIC0006088
  2. SB A/c No.6027064799, Indian Bank, Thenapthi Branch Code No.S108, IFSC Code No: IDIB000S108

Please inform us well in advance if you desire to participate so that i will make necessary arrangements for your stay and food. You may call us on 9750251058 for any clarification.

Adiyen srivaishnava dasan,
Secretary & Treasurer
Ph: 09750251058