Prathivathi Bhayankaram AnnaDivyadesams are holy places/shrines which are revered by  the Great Saints called Alwars  and they have composed hymns in praise of “LORD SRIMANNARAYANA/VISHNU” (Nalayira Divya Prabhandham – a Bahkti Literature). There are 108 such Divyadesams considered “holy” in that context  and they are located  mostly in Southern  part of India and a few in North India.

Thirunangoor  Divyadesams are situated in a picturesque surrounding with vast strech of lush Green Paddy fields , tall and short  trees , shrubs, and importantly waterbodies with  lotus or lilleys in full bloom . One can imagine the beauty of this tiny but peaceful village ‘Thirunangoor” by reading the  wonderful pasurams of Saint Thirumangai Alwar (Peria Thirumozhi 3-8 to 4-8 pasurams).

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